Zunzuku Cowboys

About Zunzuku Cowboys

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Zunzuku Cowboys


The character designs of Zunzuku Cowboys.


There is a city called Zunzuku, comes into the limelight from all over the world, in a country in Asia that has grown up dramatically in recent years.

Zunzuku city is currently one of the most major cities in the world therefore a lot of people who have various backgrounds come from not just Asia but also around the world to live and stay there for work.

However “there is much light the shadow is deep” as Goethe said, in proportion as the city has grown up crimes have rapidly increased.

Skulls & Hearts Skulls Hearts

One group is called Skulls, officially they pretend to be a corporation but the corporation is a cowboy because in fact they commit almost all big crimes in the city for their own gain behind the scenes.

On the other hand another group called Hearts is organized voluntarily to defend the city against the Skulls. They don’t act in their own interest, do act recklessly just for peace in the city therefore they are called cowboys.

As the result both these cowboys in Zunzuku City, people address them as “Zunzuku Cowboys”.